Alaskan Blueberry Cake

Here is a great recipe for some of those fresh Alaskan blueberries that are so abundant at this time of year in Alaska!

Alaskan Foodie

It is blueberry season in Alaska. At this time of year, most berry picking families have gotten a good amount of blue berries stocked up in their freezer and some may have some fresh ones sitting in the fridge just waiting to be eaten! I think putting the blueberries in the freezer makes them sweeter but I have a great recipe that uses some fresh ones. I just love blueberry season….and so do the bears! You always have to have someone watching for bears while your picking berries in Alaska!

Alaskan careful to watch for the Bears!! Alaskan Blueberries…be careful to watch for the Bears!!

I have made this cake many times and it is very versatile. You can top it with ice cream, whipped cream, frosting, lemon icing, or a blueberry cinnamon compote…Or you can just eat it like it is.

Alaskan Blueberry Cake

2 eggs, separated
1/4 tsp salt
1 Tbsp baking powder
1 cup…

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Unbelievable Pictures Of The Dangerous Life Of Fishermen On Alaska’s Bering Sea

Amazing photos in this article!!! I sure couldn’t live that life! Amazing to look at these photos and then see that same fish or crab or whatever in the store….connection made!!!!

World News - Breaking International News Headlines and Leaks

Corey_Arnold_FWBS 10In 2002 photographer Corey Arnold left behind a poor economy in San Francisco and headed up to Alaska to try his luck at his longtime passion of fishing.

Arnold, who had worked summers during college on a salmon boat in Alaska, signed onto the f/v Rollo, a crabbing boat that fishes in the dangerous Bering Sea.

While working long, strenuous hours on the Rollo, Arnold often stole away with the captain’s permission to grab his camera and photograph the crew and the ship. Arnold eventually put together “Fish Work: Bering Sea,” a documentation of his seven adventurous and dicey crab seasons aboard the Rollo.

Arnold shared a selection of the photos with us here, and you can check out the rest in the book or on his website.

There are two annual crabbing seasons in the Bering Sea, King crab and Opilio crab. During each one- to two-month season, Arnold went on numerous trips crabbing. He went on one or two trips during King season, and three to five during Opilio season.

There are two annual crabbing seasons in the Bering Sea, King crab and Opilio crab. During each one- to two-month season, Arnold went…

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Yokota demonstrates airlift capability for RED FLAG-Alaska

Hmmmm “Red Flag”….This is a very interesting read with some great photo shots of the area. But I do want to redirect you to the article I shared earlier that pertains to the Arctic areas that are under contention. It makes you wonder why we are running “red flag” operations? On the plus side, there are some awesome photos of Alaska in here!

The UN Has Laid the Foundation and Location For World War III

Having lived in Alaska my entire life, I believe this to be pretty accurate in its discussions about Alaska. This is not a bunch of smoke signals being thrown about with assumptions…This is actual facts looked at in the light of day and actual realizations that are seriously common sense. Read and decide for yourself. Alaska will be a key point in the future!

Christian Patriots


The UN Has Laid the Foundation for World War III

Dating back over a 100 years, the United States laid claim to much of the Arctic region.The Arctic region is known to hold large amounts of untapped oil and gas reserves. The United Nations previously canceled all previous land claims in the Arctic region. This is in response to these territories being at the center of several disputes between the United States, Russia, Canada, to a large degree, and it also includes Norway and Denmark, to a smaller degree.

Under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which was finalized in 1982, countries can lay claim to the ocean floor well beyond their borders so long as they can provide convincing scientific evidence to prove that a particular seabed is an extension of their continental shelf. Already, countries have sovereign rights to resources within 200 nautical miles…

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Easy BBQ Caribou or Moose Ribs

I just posted a really great recipe for any wild game or store-bought ribs. This is a very simple recipe and can be converted to be sugar free if needed. I guarantee the ribs will not be tough and will be literally falling off the bones!!! Give it a try!

Alaskan Foodie

I have had plenty of wild game and store-bought ribs that ended in failure! If you are like me and have had the toughest caribou ribs known to mankind, then you know what I am talking about. Many people have told me that they prefer not to cook the ribs because they always end up tough. I have heard plenty of stories where people boil them in apple juice (tried it and failed), just grilled them (very tough), or baked them on a cookie sheet (no foil, fail). I have been there and feel your pain.

After discovering this easy way to make BBQ ribs, I won’t go back to anything else. This recipe makes the most tender, fall apart ribs and it really is pretty easy. The hardest part is removing the membrane and after awhile you will become a pro at that too. Just give this recipe a…

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Report IDs ocean acidification threats to Alaska’s coastal resources, Native American communities

It’s pretty sad and I think very tragic that this is happening…Not only to Alaska, but to anyplace that this is happening! 😦

Summit County Citizens Voice

Important crab fisheries to suffer as oceans turn warm and acidiic

A nice haul of blue crabs. Crabs are among the many commercially important species that will struggle as oceans grow warmer and more acidic. bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

FRISCO —Alaska’s economically important crab fishery and other coastal and ocean resources face significant global warming threats, according to a new study led by scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The research findings, to be published online in the journal Progress in Oceanography, show that many of Alaska’s nutritionally and economically valuable marine fisheries are located in waters that are already experiencing ocean acidification.

Communities in southeast and southwest Alaska face the highest risk from ocean acidification because they rely heavily on fisheries that are expected to be most affected by ocean acidification. Some of those Native American communities are also more vulnerable to economic risks because of lower average incomes and  fewer…

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Advancing Digital Teaching and Learning in Alaska

This is amazing!!!! I am so excited about this!!!

Pam Lloyd Blog

Kodiak robotsLast year, Alaska Governor Sean Parnell announced a three-year initiative to create three to four demonstration projects, showcasing efforts to bring school districts together to provide shared teaching and learning experiences through the use of synchronous and asynchronous learning modalities. The Alaska Digital Teaching initiative, passed by the Alaska legislature, created an application process, where more than 40 percent of the school districts submitted their ideas and projects. This  initiative is designed to  provide examples for delivering high-quality interactive distance courses to middle and high school students; increasing student access to a diverse array of courses; empowering  teachers to reach beyond their own classrooms; training teachers; and expanding school districts’ infrastructure, technology and staffing.

Grants under the Alaska Digital Teaching Initiative were recently announced with GCI SchoolAccess customer Kodiak Island Borough School District (KIBSD) among the list of recipients. This grant is intended to increase student engagement and academic performance…

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