Sonya’s Alaskan Cowboy Casserole

Check out my latest recipe in Alaskan Foodie! I find this recipe to be very versatile! You can use any wild game or store bought meat. You can add or take away items to make it match your taste.

Alaskan Foodie

It’s moose hunting season in Alaska and while I haven’t gotten a moose so far this year, I am looking forward to the possibilities!! I love wild game because I know it doesn’t have any chemicals, was raised properly, and is very healthy for my family. Many Alaskan families live off of moose, caribou, and many other types of wild game. It is a way of life up here in Alaska.

I have made this recipe in so many different variations that I can make it in my sleep by now. This is a favorite dish for both of my sons. My daughter prefers it to be made quite a bit differently and I will post her variation at the bottom. What makes this dish special is that you can use any meat that you have available and even the toughest meat will tenderize and be delicious. For this variation…

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