Seward, Alaska

Ask Me!!

If you have any questions, please ASK ME! by filling out the contact form below and sending me your questions! I will answer any questions that I receive in my blog; however please read my note at the bottom of the page. I welcome recommendations and comments as well.


I get a lot of requests from people saying “we are going to be in Alaska and can you help us?” In order to give you the best assistance, I need to know who “we” is and if it involves children, what are their ages.

I also get a lot of requests regarding the “best” excursions to do either on a land tour or on a cruise. What might be “best” to one person holds absolutely no interest to another. So please give me an idea of your interests. Hiking, wildlife viewing, photography, fishing, native history, glaciers, adventure activities like rafting or glacier hiking, museums, etc.

If you have specific dates or timeframe, mention that. Summer? Two weeks? This year or next? Are you willing to rent a car or do you want to rely totally on other forms of transportation?

If you already have flights booked, it would really help to know the date and time of arrival as well as the date and time of departure (and the city arriving into/out of if not clear from your post). If you leave at 9am the last day you might end up with a totally different itinerary than if you left at 11pm the same evening.

The more details you can give initially, the easier and quicker and more accurate the answers will be.

Thanks for helping me to help you!


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